Quick Definition:

Slow sand filters filter swimming pool water by passing water through sand, where the water trickles through the sand particles, leaving any contaminates behind in the sand.

What is a Slow Sand Filter for pools?

A slow sand filter is a type of water purification process that is primarily used for raw water management, such as rain or ground water, or those coming from rivers and lakes.  The main purpose of the treatment is end up with a cleaner water product from natural bodies of water by removing particulate from the water.  The advantage of using this kind of filtration method is the absence of any chemical process and electricity for it to operate.  As the name suggests, slow sand filters supply water at a slow but steady flow pace, but are effective at removing large-particle contaminates from water sources.

Using a slow sand filter in your swimming pool is a practical and convenient way of water filtration, as it is very easy to operate and it does not have to be maintained as much compared to filter-medium-based filtration systems.  It is also recognized by several health organizations as an efficient and safe way for water filtration.  A slow sand filter is one of several varieties of a sand filter used for swimming pool water filtration.


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