Quick Definition:

A skimmer plate is located at the water line, and serves as the location where the surface of the water flows towards the plate, pulling any floating debris into the plate.

What is a swimming pool Skimmer Plate?

A skimmer plate is a part of an overall swimming pool skimmer system commonly found in above ground and below ground swimming pools.  The skimmer plate serves as an access point of the pool water to flow into the skimmer basket.  Skimmer plates work together with the basket in capturing the floating items in the pool that could very well be harmful to the pool pump and the filter system.

Some skimmer plates also serve as a partial or the main water inlet, where filtered and sanitized pool water is circulated just under the water that is is going into the skimmer.  This creates an efficient pool water circulation pattern, where fresh water is pumped into the pool under the surface, pushing debris upward while circulating the surface water to the skimmer.

Skimmer plates often include a gasket, which helps prevent damage to the pool wall surface plus aids in keeping the area behind the skimmer water tight.  Pool safe silicon adhesive or caulking is usually inserted along the edges of the skimmer plate and into the screw holes, as an additional water prevention method.  Some skimmer plates also include vacuum hose attachments, which allows a pool owner to hook a pool vacuum directly to the skimmer plate, although most vacuum attachments are located under the skimmer basket.

While skimmer baskets need to be checked every day and after every usage of the pool, skimmer plates need only periodic check-up.  Replacement of silicon caulking occasionally must be replaced, plus the skimmer plate might develop cracks with will result in the plate needing replacement.  Titanium or 316 stainless steel screws are recommended during skimmer plate installation, as all other metal screws will corrode and rust in the presence of swimming pool water.

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