Quick Definition:

PH reducer is a swimming pool industry term describing any product that lowers the pH level when added to swimming pool water, typically a solution of muriatic acid or dry acid (sodium bisulfate).

What is a pH Reducer for swimming pools?

The term pH reducer describes any substance that can be used to lower the pH level of water.  There are many names to describe pH reducer, like pH minus, pH decreaser, and pH lower, but all these names can be seen on containers of the common pH-reducing chemicals: dry acid (sodium bisulfate) and or muriatic acid.

In a swimming pool with high pH, the water is too alkaline and is considered unbalanced water.  If the pool water also has high calcium hardness, excess calcium carbonate dissolved in the pool water can come out of solution, resulting in hazy and cloudy pool water.  If left untreated, this can result in the buildup of water scale in pool pipes, filters, valves, and the pool walls, especially at the water line.  Scale is difficult to remove, so it is important to lower the pool pH using a pH reducer if the swimming pool pH is too high.  The swimming pool water should be tested before adding any pH reducer, and retested about six hours after adding the chemical so that the pH reducer has time to mix with the water.

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