Quick Definition:

Water quality describes water that has undergone a series of measurements to determine how well the water adheres to established water standards.

What does Water Quality mean for swimming pools?

Water quality describes the measurement of physical, biological, and chemical attributes of a body of water, according to the needs and safety of surrounding living and non-living things.  As water can be gauged according to preset standards, water quality can be related to separate specifications, such as human consumption, domestic and industrial usage, or for environmental impact.

Establishing water quality standards take into consideration the intended use of the water, along with its source.  Water quality is often mentioned in terms like parts-per-million (ppm) of a variety of metals, mineral, and organic and inorganic compounds.

Although there are few if any regulations private pool owners must adhere to, private swimming pools should strive to stick to recommended water quality standards, as failure to do so would risk the health and safety of swimmers as well as risk damage to pool surfaces and equipment.  Public and commercial swimming pools are subject to local water quality standards as the water quality has the potential to affect much larger numbers of swimmers.

Swimming pool water quality recommendations include:

  • Keeping the water clean and free from environmental pollutants.
  • Killing harmful bacteria by disinfection and sanitation.
  • Removing contaminates through a filtration process.
  • Encouraging swimmer cleanliness prior to swimming to reduce impurities introduced in the water.
  • Habitual water testing, such as pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and sanitizer levels such as chlorine.


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