Quick Definition:

Mineral sanitizers are often installed in modern swimming pools, reducing the need for chemical-based sanitizers like chlorine.

What are Mineral Sanitizers for swimming pools?

Mineral sanitizers are devices containing several minerals that provide water sanitation. The interaction of the minerals with water produces a sanitation effect in helps with water quality.  The device consists of a sanitizer cartridge containing the sanitizer medium, which is then inserted into the sanitizer housing.  The housing is installed along the pool water lines, typically after the main pool filter but before any additional sanitation device like a chlorine feeder.  The two devices work together to provide a constant sanitation level in the water.

The United States and several other countries regulate the production of mineral sanitizers, which are registered with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), or similar health standards agency.  Two Sanitizers have passed EPA standards.  The first is uses a silver salt applied to granules of calcium carbonate which can help neutralize pH; while the other is a colloidal form of silver which, from ceramic beads, is released to water.

Using a mineral sanitizer for swimming pool water has advantages over chemical-based sanitizers like chlorine, bromine, and biguanide.  Mineral sanitizers do not degrade, evaporate, and can provide a constant level of sanitation to the swimming pool.  Mineral sanitizers often result in more soft water in the pool, reducing eye irritation and dry skin.  Using a mineral sanitizer greatly reduces the amount of synthetic sanitizers, reducing the time and cost of adding chemicals to the swimming pool.


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