Quick Definition:

Ultraviolet (UV) sanitizers are installable systems designed to sanitize swimming pool water of harmful microbes without the use of chemicals.

What is a Ultraviolet (UV) Sanitizer?

An ultraviolet (UV) sanitizer, also called an ultraviolet (UV) light system or ultraviolet (UV) sterilizer, is a tool used to get rid of the germs and microbes from an area or surface where treatment is being applied, commonly air and water.  UV sanitizers mainly use germicidal rays of high intensity for sanitation purposes only.  The UV rays emitted by the device eliminate the presence of unseen organisms including bacteria, microbes, protozoa, algae, and viruses.

For swimming pools, ultraviolet (UV) sanitizers are mounted into the swimming pool water circulation and filtration systems.  As the water flows through the UV sanitizer, the UV rays act as an additional source of sanitation that kills any microorganisms found.

Ultraviolet sanitizers also wipe out decaying matter detected in the water, and eliminate chlorine byproducts that can cause eye and skin irritation, plus contribute to allergies and asthma.  Ultraviolet (UV) sanitizers come in very safe enclosures, and the ultraviolet rays have no means of getting out of the sterilization housing, so you can be at ease that no harm will come to swimmers or people near the pool equipment.


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