Quick Definition:

Shotcrete pools are constructed by spraying a wet concrete and aggregate mixture onto the swimming pool walls and floors.

What is a Shotcrete Pool?

A shotcrete pool is constructed by which concrete or mortar is passed through a high velocity hose and applied directly to the pool surface.  It is commonly referred to as a wet-mix process as it uses pre-mixed concrete to go through the shotcrete nozzle, and with the aid of compressed air, larger volumes of concrete are put into place in less time compared to other concrete-based application methods.  Shotcrete is a more modern method, often replacing the gunite method of pool construction.

There several advantages to installing a shotcrete-based pool.  In many climates, owning a swimming pool which is a permanent part of the property can result in a home assessed at a higher value.  Second, shotcrete pools can be custom-built, resulting in a unique swimming pool design that is interesting and inviting.  Lastly, because the pool it is made of concrete, shotcrete pools can last longer than vinyl-lined or fiberglass based pool constructions, as they do not “age” provided the water balance is properly maintained.


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