Quick Definition:

Siphon describes both a process and a device, which often involves using a tube to drain swimming pool water from inside the pool, or a pool cover pump to siphon water from a pool cover.

What does Siphon mean in swimming pool terms?

Siphon is a term that generally describes the process of transferring liquids from one reservoir or container to another means of a tube.  Siphon also describes a device used to pull water from one container to another.

When relying on gravity to siphon, the container to siphon from must be higher than the container to siphon to.  It is done with the aid of atmospheric pressure, which pushes down on the liquid and into the tube opening, through the tube and into the other container.  Typically, additional pressure is needed, and if liquid is pulled through the tube, enough pressure is gained to continue pulling more liquid flowing through the tube and into the other container.  A siphon is also a device or tool that is used to drain liquid from a container.  A siphon usually consists of a pump, powered by an electric motor.

For swimming pools, there are pool cover pumps available that can siphon water from pool covers that have gathered from rain and melted snow.  You can also siphon water from a swimming pool by using a garden hose or similar hose by placing one end in the swimming pool and let the pol water drain out the other end.


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