Quick Definition:

Salt chlorine generators manufacture chlorine that can be used by a swimming pool for sanitation, avoiding or reducing the amount of chlorine that needs to be added by other means.

What are Salt Chlorine Generators for swimming pools?

A salt chlorine generator, also called a salt chlorinator, is a device that generates chlorine out of sodium (salt) for swimming pools.  As a sanitizer is needed in swimming pools, salt chlorine generators are designed to fill this role, as  maintaining the quality of swimming pool water is very important at all times.

They have gathered a number of chlorinated pool enthusiasts because of its practicality compared to other chlorine-based swimming pool systems.  Salt chlorine generators are straightforward to install, easy to use, and can be set to introduce a specific amount of chlorine into the pool water.  Salt chlorine generators avoid the need to handle chlorine, and results in relatively soft water in the swimming pool which swimmers prefer feel of the water and reduced irritation compared to other chlorination methods.

Most salt chlorine generators need to be installed into the swimming pool water line, typically in the water return flow line which goes back to the swimming pool.  They typically operate by electricity, so an electrical outlet needs to be located nearby.  Smaller, and cheaper models have been made with are solar powered and float freely in the pool water, although they are recommended for smaller pools.  Maintenance primarily only involves occasionally adding pool salt to the chlorine generator.


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