Quick Definition:

Electronic chlorine testers are available that can test chlorine levels in swimming pools easier and just as accurately as other test methods.

What is a Electronic Chlorine Tester for pool use?

An electronic chlorine tester is a device that can test the levels of chlorine in water.  The benefit of electronic testers is to reduce the time and complexity of testing chlorine levels by other methods, such as with a test kit or test strips.  People having problems discerning colors (color blind), and small variations in the resulting color can result in variations in the tested chlorine levels.  Electronic chlorine testers help remove variability in testing caused by different people testing, resulting in more consistent results.

Types of testers can vary for swimming pool use, but the best ones can test three forms of chlorine; free chlorine, combined chlorine, and total chlorine.  Testing devices are typically handheld, and involve sampling the water and waiting a few moments for the device to sense the chlorine level, and sometimes involve a simple calibration step to ensure the test results are accurate and precise.  More advanced chlorine testers can even be installed as a continuous measuring system, providing real-time chlorine level data in pools with high bather load such as public and commercial swimming pools.


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