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Natural gas pool heaters are a common choice for swimming pool owners, as easy availability of natural gas, relatively low cost of heating equipment while providing efficient heat with low maintenance are advantages of natural gas pool heaters.

What are Natural Gas Pool Heater for swimming pools?

Natural gas pool heaters are one of a variety of types of swimming pool heaters.  As the name implies, natural gas pool heaters use natural gas as the energy source used to heat swimming pool water.  Natural gas pool heaters are often the most popular, as modern heaters are efficient and generally need very little maintenance to keep running effectively.

The pool pump circulates water through the main pool filter and into the heater inlet.  The heater thermostat detects the incoming water temperature and determines if the heater should turn on.  The heater blower fan starts to circulate air as the gas heating elements light.  The heat generated by the heating elements burning the gas heats a metal heat exchanger typically located above the heating elements.  As the pool water flows through the heat exchanger, the water is heated and leaves the heater to flow back to the swimming pool.

In selecting a natural gas pool heater, the heater size or rating, heater efficiency, and cost of the equipment and local energy rates should be considered.  The size of the swimming pool in which the pool heater will be used should also be taken into consideration, along with the environment.

Natural gas pool heaters require occasional maintenance, as heat exchangers can become clogged with soot either by continuous use or by an incorrect gas-air mixture entering the heating elements. Testing the gas pressure, gas-air ratio, and yearly heat exchanger cleanings are recommended preventative maintenance measures to improve the operating life of natural gas heaters.  In colder climates, heaters not built inside an enclosure should be covered to prevent unnecessary weathering of components.


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