Quick Definition:

Algae bloom describes the uncontrolled growth of algae, where individual algae cells divide, grow, and further multiply exponentially, to the point the water surface and often subsurface is completely overrun with algae growth.

What is an Algae Bloom?

Algae bloom is an unusual and tremendous accumulation of algae in water.  This type of algae growth does not only occur in marine environments, but in freshwater pools as well.  Generally, this algal bloom is brought about by a certain phytoplankton species which causes discoloration of water and results in an increase in the density of pigments in cells.  Oftentimes, the discoloration gives off a green color, but there are some instances which results in yellow-brown and even red color pigmentation.  The color depends on the type of algae contaminating the water.

How does Algae affect swimming pools?

Algae blooms can also affect swimming pools when lack of sanitation chemicals like chlorine or bromine are missing, ideal environmental conditions such as stagnant water, partial to full sun, and accidental introduction of phosphorus into the pool water which the algae use very efficiently as food.  

The increase in the growth of these specific phytoplankton takes place rapidly, in a short time.  This results in the changing of color in the pool water, plus algae growth on walls, pool floors, and steps.  When the sun is out and the water temperature is ideal, the greater the tendency for growth is, since algae uses energy from the sun to create their own food through the process of photosynthesis.  Green algae is commonly found in pool water, but more bothersome varieties include mustard algae and black algae.


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