Quick Definition:

Chlorinators are installed as part of the swimming pool plumbing system, responsible for feeding a constant supply of chlorine to the pool water.

What is a swimming pool Chlorinator?

Also called a chlorine feeder or chlorine generator, a chlorinator is a device installed into the pool water plumbing system to provide a way to supply a constant chlorine flow into the pool water.  Chlorinators are usually cylindrical in shape, with an access cap on top to drop in chlorine pucks, tabs, or powders.  Most standard devices feature an adjustment control to adjust the rate of chlorine added to the pool.

As chlorinators provide a way to keep a constant rate of chlorine addition to a swimming pool, this can reduce the manual workload of continually adding chlorine by hand and reduce swimming pool chlorine testing to ensure appropriate amounts of chlorine are added to pool water.

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