Quick Definition:

Sequestering agents are chemicals added to swimming pools to bind with metals found in pools, keeping more metal in the water.

What is a Sequestering Agent for swimming pools?

A sequestering agent, or sequestrant, is a chemical substance containing molecules able to bond with metal ions to form chelate complexes.  These complexes formed by chelating agents are either large enough to be filtered out of the solution, or are brought back into solution preventing potential interaction of metal ions with the solution.

As metal can work its way into swimming pool water from a variety of sources, applying a sequestering agent to treat excess metals in the pool water is a common practice.  Sequestrants can successfully control metal ion activity in the pool water by either precipitating the metals out of the water, or turn the metals into water soluble salts which the water readily absorbs.

Copper in swimming pools is a common metal to be treated with a sequestering agent, as controlling copper can prevent pool surface staining and discoloration.


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