Quick Definition:

Aggressive water is a water industry term to describe the water actively seeking to gain minerals and metals, resulting in the corrosion of iron and copper surfaces and dissolving of concrete and stone surfaces.

What is Agressive Water?

Aggressive water is described as a type of water which is considered soft water, acidic, and can be a cause of corrosion to piping, plumbing, pools, as well as to appliances.  Excessive carbon dioxide components are present in this type of water.  In a way, it is ‘aggressive’ because it attacks materials which contain calcium, or surfaces that contain metals like iron and copper.  This water condition can cause deposits of carbonates on the inner surface of pipes, often called water scale, and it can also attack certain element of cement mortars which contains calcium.  For metal corrosion, the result can be staining on pool walls and surfaces, and even on swimmer’s hair and clothing.

Why is Aggressive Water so bad for pools?

Aggressive water is bad for swimming pools.  If water balance is absent, the pool quality will suffer.  The aggressivity of water can destroy a pool by means of corrosion.  It can also damage the pool by piling up unnecessary mineral deposits in it.  With these factors in mind, the correct type of chemicals for pool cleaning should be used, including flocculants and sequestering agents.  Pool owners need to keep close watch over key water balancing levels: water pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness.  Since we are dealing with chemicals, the pool operator should be adept in protecting not just the pool, but the ones who will use it as well.  Care should always be exercised when adding chemicals to the pool water, as incorrect amounts can cause problems as well.


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