Quick Definition:

Trichlor tablets are commonly used in chlorinated swimming pools to help sanitize the pool water.

What is Trichlor for swimming pools?

Trichlor, scientifically known as trichloroisocyanuric acid, is an organic crystalline compound used in a variety of treatment applications, and gives off a distinct chlorine smell.  It is commonly used for wastewater treatment, textile bleaching, food preservation, and water sanitation.  Trichlor is a common sanitizer used in chlorinated swimming pools and is available in powder or tablets.  Its primary uses are water sanitation, along with providing some protection as a mild algaecide.

The trichlor chlorine is typically added to swimming pool water via an in-line chlorinator or feeder, or floating feeder.  The trichlor slowly dissolves and reacts with the water, producing hypochlorous acid, and a chlorine stabilizer cyanuric acid.  The stabilizer component is responsible for preventing the breakdown of the chlorine by direct sunlight on the swimming pool water.  Although there are other methods of swimming pool sanitation such as bromine, UV systems, ionizers, and mineral sanitizers, trichlor is a cost-effective means to pool sanitation.


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