Quick Definition:

Electronic pH testers are handheld devices that are used to measure the pH level of swimming pools, intended to reduce the manual work involved via testing pH using other methods.

What is a swimming pool Electronic pH Tester?

An electronic pH tester is a digital device used to test the acidity and alkalinity of a solution.  Small retail handheld testers are developed from more expensive and cumbersome scientific-grade testing instruments.  Electronic pH testers measure the pH level in just a few seconds to produce accurate pH level readings, and eliminating the need for a test strips or test kits.

These pH testers offer measurements within a pH range of 1 to 14, and vary in how accurate the pH reading is.  Although electronic pH testers are often require calibrating the device before testing the pool water, they are generally easy to use, read, and interpret the results.  Both extremes of acidity and alkalinity of swimming pool water are harmful to both the swimmers and the pool itself and hence must be maintained.  Electronic pH testers can reduce the swimming pool testing burden and lower the overall maintenance time that must be committed to owning a pool.


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