Make every meal with the whole family and your guests extra special; with an extra special burner only from Vermont Castings.

Get amazing results with the Vermont Casting 5 Burner Signature Series with Built Grill- Propane.

Powerful Performance

Get the best results when it comes to searing, rotisserie, smoking and baking in one. Imagine an all powerful performance with precise results and top-quality style, every time.

You can absolutely achieve the best results in all four cooking methods and enjoy sharing the best meals for every occasion with your family and guests.

This Vermont Casting 5 Burner Signature Series has Built in Gas grills for secure even cooking.

Even Cooking, every time

One of the best features of the Vermont Casting 5 Burner Signature Series is its safe and super easy ignition. You will never encounter problems and take advantage of consistent set up in every meal.

The Built in Gas grills will give you and the whole family enjoyable grilled treats in years. This features five tubes in stainless steel and pushes up to 62,500 BTUs of power.

Topped with a total of 990 square inches of total cooking space, it is never too crowded to cook a meal for the rest of the family.

In addition, porcelain cast iron grates are reversible and this makes heat distribution a breeze for a reliable even cooking and consistent temperatures. Plus, the LED knobs including the grill lights make it easy to keep up to what you are grilling anytime.

Unique Features

One side of the Vermont Casting 5 Burner Signature Series with Built Grill- Propane is rounded for cooking juicy foods including steaks and burgers and the other side remains flat for more delicate cooking including seafood.

The LED back-lit knobs also make it convenient for you to cook at any time of the day and night.



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