“I forgot to empty the trash…again!”

When does a trash can become part of your outdoor living space?

Suncast Mocha Brown Wicker Resin Trash Box

Can a trash box actually look good?

The makers of this trash box, Suncast, actually call this product the trash hideaway, because it does such a great job of hiding away your trash.

You wont have to scurry to move the trash can out of the way before you gather for a family photo behind your house, because blends in with its surroundings so well. Owning one myself, I often forget to empty my outdoor trash box because it blends in so well with my outdoor living area.

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Product Features

The Suncast Trash Box in Mocha Wicker is made of resin, which is a type of durable outdoor plastic. The manufacturer does a good job of adding details and texture to avoid the trash box looking like a plastic trash can.

The square edges makes a perfect addition to any corner, so it tends to blend into its surroundings.

Dimensions are 16 inches wide, 15.8 inches deep,  and 31.7 inches high.  It holds 30-33 gallon trash bags, and weighs 15 pounds empty.  It’s large enough without being too bulky, so you can be sure you can place it just about anywhere you like.  The light weight makes it easy to move, but I have high winds in my area, so I find the trash box is moved or tipped over if it’s empty.  Maybe placing a large rock or brick in the bottom would stop this.

With a brilliant beautiful design, you can never tell it’s a trash box.


The trash box has two covers.  The top cover flips open and and closed for easy access, and has a little sliding latch that locks the flip cover down which might be useful preventing local animals that tend to dig into outdoor trash cans.  The second cover gains access to the trash bag area, so you can place new bags and remove full ones.  I found if you fill the trash bags too full, it becomes difficult removing the bag from the trash box.

The Top Benefit is…

The best thing about this trash box is its looks.  Being mocha in color, and having the ability to match it with other outdoor furnishings like their Hose Reel and Deck Box the Suncast Mocha Trash Box becomes an attractive addition to your outdoor area.

Inside dimensions cover enough space to host up to 33 gallons of trash.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Being made of resin plastic, this trash box wipes clean easily. I’ve used a power washer on mine, being careful not to spray with too much force. If you do happen to crack or break a corner or edge, any glue made for plastic such as Gorilla Glue works perfect. I managed to break one of the flip cover pegs that attach the cover to the trash box, but was easily glued.

Pros and Cons


  • Looks good
  • Light weight
  • Surprisingly durable
  • Easy access flip cover
  • Separate bag cover to keep trash bag secure.
  • Matches other Suncast brand resin wicker outdoor furnishings.


  • High wind can blow it over if it’s empty (not heavy enough)
  • Small pegs on the flip cover can be broken easily. Should have been made more durable.
  • Difficult to remove trash bag if it’s full.



Weight15 lbs
Height31.7 inches
Width16 Inches
Depth15.8 Inches
MaterialResin Plastic
ColorMocha (deep brown)

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The Final Word…

You get a durable, stylish, functional place to store your trash on your deck, patio, or any outdoor setting. The other matching mocha brown pieces available from Suncast make all your outdoor storage look good.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Will the mocha color fade or degrade over time?
Answer: I’ve owned one for three summers (at the time this was written).  Although I’ve put a couple accidental dings on it, the color has not faded or turned a lighter color.

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