Gather all family and friends and share a wonderful meal with the help of your Vermont Casting 3 Burner Signature Series with Built in Grill- Natural Gas.


Unlike any other cooking must haves, this 3 Burner Signature Series from Vermont Casting is so powerful that it can let you cook dishes you never thought you could.

Now you can feel like a pro with its powerful performance that allows you to prepare food through searing, baking, rotisserie and smoking.

Plus, with a special feature having the cast iron end caps and having a deep firebox, you can be sure that the heat is maintained while locking in flavors and juices for an enjoyable meal. The cooking grates at the same time are reversible and this help maintains even cooking and searing.


Safe and Easy

Now it can be a whole lot easier for you to grill and cook anytime you want, even during the night with the LED knob feature of your Vermont Casting 3 Burner Signature Series with Built in Grill- Natural Gas.

Also, you never have to worry because it has a safe ignition feature, allowing you to have a dependable start-up in every meal preparation. With the EasyFlame ignition, you can use only a single source, making sure that  each burner lights safely and consistently.

Enjoy a whole new level of cooking with your Vermont Castings 3 Burner Built-In.

Wise Features

With built-in grill features, this has three built-in grills with tube burners made of stainless steel. This can shove a power for up to 37,500 BTUs. You can also use the 15,000 BTU infrared rotisserie burner as your partner in slow roasting any poultry and even pineapples.


This may be a little pricey but you can save as much as $300 in your next purchase from Amazon.

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