Having your dirty hose winding up in the ground, next to your patio or your garden can be sight for sore eyes.

Luckily, with this one-of-a kind hose reel, the Suncast Hose in Reel Mocha Wicker made of Resin, you can take out that messy garden hose out of your sight.

Beautiful Design

The resin, assembling wicker patterns are very attractive and it suits the outdoor feel just fine. Moreover, the color mocha blends in into the color of the garden, making it an added attraction to any guest or visitor.

Keep you hose in place with the Suncast Hose Reel.


Very Sturdy and Durable

The resin material is not only attractive; it is a sturdy combination of bonded chemicals resulting to a very durable product, in this case a hose reel housing.

Lightweight and with the size of approximately 21″W x 17″D x 19″H, this hose reel is an essential to every household, most especially to those who keeps up with a garden and a patio.

Its attractive design makes it a perfect addition to any outdoor setting.

Winding and Unwinding made easy

Do you remember the time when you had to do all the work with your dirty hose? With the Suncast Hose Reel, you can forget all about the pain in winding and winding your garden hose.

The slid track hose guide feature allows you to have easier winding and unwinding experience, at the same time it also has stakes to keep it mounted when reeling; giving you a full capacity to conceal your hose and your reel.

It also has a 5/8″ x 75′ Hose Capacity and can host up to 175ft.


Hose winding or unwinding can be a little slow.

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