“I didn’t know pizza could taste this good…”

…Is what your friends and family will say when you grill pizza with a pizza stone.

Primo porcelain glazed pizza baking stone

16 Inch Primo Porcelain Glazed Pizza Baking Stone

Wait. You can cook pizza on a grill?

You sure can, and with the Primo Porcelain Glazed Pizza Baking Stone, from the makers of the Primo line of outdoor grills, you’ll have one of the best performing pizza stones on the market.

Now you can enjoy With the Primo 338 Porcelain Glazed Pizza Baking Stone for Primo Oval XL or any “Kamado-style” grill, you can be all sure you get nothing but fresh crispy pizza and more!  You can also enjoy fresh bread and cookies too in the comforts of your own backyard.

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Product Features

Pizza/Baking Stone: Try your hand at crispy pizzas, chewy cookies, fresh baked bread, and more all in the comfort of your backyard with a Primo Pizza/Baking Stone. This is the only ceramic baking stone coated with a non-stick, porcelain-glaze finish for easy clean-up and is available in two sizes (16 inch and 13 inch) to fit just about any grill.

How a Pizza Stone Works

Why  does a pizza stone work so much better than just putting the pizza directly on the grill surface, or with another flat surface like aluminum foil or baking pan? The key is in the heat transfer.  As the coals burn and generate heat, the heat radiates to the bottom of the pizza stone.  As the stone heats up, the entire thing acts as a cooking surface. Not only does the head spread out and become more even, the temp is regulated so the pizza is not exposed to the much higher temps of the coals. Once you let the stone and the grill heat up, it’s much easier to maintain constant temp  when opening and closing for multiple pizzas.  I’ve done 15 pizzas in a row for my extended family, each cooking about 5-7 minutes. Some of the heat makes it round the stone and to the top of the grill, and is what cooks the pizza from the top down. The result is a crispy (but not burnt) crust, yet top that is also perfectly done.  This is very hard to achieve without a pizza stone. The Primo pizza stone is made from the same ceramic material their grills are made from…so you know they can take the heat. Avoid using pizza stones made for indoor ovens…they are too thin and will likely crack.  This was what exactly happened to my previous pizza stone.  

The Primo porcelain glazed pizza stone will fit any grill with an inner diameter greater than 16 inches.

The Primo porcelain glazed pizza stone will fit any grill with an inner diameter greater than 16 inches.


 The Top Benefit is…

…the pizza crust cooked on the grill fast and at high temp.  I typically bake my pizzas at least at 450° Fahrenheit or higher, preferably above 500°.  If you use fresh-made pizza dough, the result is a crispy yet chewy crust that rivals some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. They cook in about 5-7 minutes, which perfectly cooks the pizza crust, turning the outer layers crispy, yet keeping the inside crust moist and chewy (yet fully cooked).

Cleaning and Maintenance

I’ll be honest, I’ve owned my Primo Pizza Stone for several years and have yet to clean it (other than scraping off a little burnt residue from time to time).  The high temp of the grill self-cleans the stone, turning everything to soot which easily wipes away once the stone has cooled. As for maintenance, there isn’t any.  You do risk chipping or cracking the stone of you drop it onto a hard surface (it’s ceramic, after all).  If this happens, you are best to contact the manufacturer for advice.  I don’t advise gluing something like this – you are cooking food on this and don’t want glue fumes to work their way into your food.

Pros and Cons


  • Porcelain surface is effectively non-stick.
  • Any residue can be easily scraped off with no damage to the surface
  • Made of coarse ceramic 0.5 inches thick.
  • The ceramic is guaranteed 20 years by the manufacture.
  • 16 inch diameter allows for large pizzas, evenly cooked to perfection.


  • Heavy, but durable.
  • 16 inch diameter size is large to store.
  • Porcelain surface is slick – I’ve almost pushed entire pizzas off the stone early when I bought the stone.
  • The underside is rough, and not recommended for indoor ovens because you might scratch the chrome grills in the oven.
This shows the porcelain glaze on top of the ceramic stone.

This shows the porcelain glaze on top of the ceramic stone.



Size16 inch diameter
Thickness0.5 inch
Weight9.5 lbs
ColorBlack top
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The Final Word…

I like to buy things that last, so I only have to buy them once.  The Primo Pizza Stone is a solid, durable, easy to clean pizza stone.  Yes the Primo Pizza Stone costs more than the ones you can buy anywhere, but this will be the last one you ever buy. More Info…

Reviews and Ratings

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Can this pizza stone be used for any grill?
Answer: Yes…as long as your grill is large enough.  The Primo pizza stone is 16 inches wide (in diameter), so your grill should be larger than this.

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