Quick Definition:

In important goal of owning a pool is to keep the pool water balanced, which can reduce maintenance costs, prevent eye and skin irritation of swimmers, and keep the water looking clean and clear.

What is Unbalanced Water for swimming pools?

Unbalanced swimming water is at risk for corroding pool walls and liners, filters and filtration equipment, and any other item that comes in contact with pool water.  Swimmers may also complain of stinging eyes and dry skin, and the pool water might look cloudy or murky if the water is unbalanced.  If the water pH, calcium hardness, total alkalinity, or total dissolved solids levels are out of acceptable limits, then the water is said to be unbalanced.

If your pool water is unbalanced, you need to analyze the levels described above to determine how far the water has drifted out of range, then measure how much and what types of chemicals to add back in to bring the water back into balance.


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