Quick Definition:

Blue-green algae can appear in swimming pools, and is more difficult to eliminate than other types of algae like green or mustard algae.

What is Blue-Green Algae in swimming pools?

Blue-Green algae is a tenacious form of algae that can appear in swimming pools.  Also called black algae, blue-green algae can appear in poorly sanitized pools, often when the sanitizer such as chlorine has dipped for a prolonged amount of time.

How can you rid Blue-Green Algae in swimming pools?

The algae appears as small, round spots along the pool walls and floor in places with little to no sunlight.  Depressions, small cracks, and crevices are common areas where blue-green algae can take hold.  Once growing, the algae is extremely difficult to eradicate, as it grows in successive layers.  Each layer protects the layer beneath, shielding algaecides and sanitizers such as chlorine from fully killing the growth.

Pool owners with verified blue-green algae are advised to contact their local pool cleaning professional for assistance, as superchlorinating, draining the pool, replacing filters and other substantial efforts may be needed to eradicate blue green algae from the affected pool.

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