Quick Definition:

The skimmer basket is located just behind the skimmer plate, and collects debris and objects that have traveled along the surface of the water into the skimmer plate.

What is a Skimmer Basket for swimming pools?

A skimmer basket is a swimming pool industry term describing a basket-shaped device responsible for retaining large debris and objects caught by the pool skimmer.  Typically located just behind the skimmer plate, the skimmer basket sifts and seizes any item that may cause damage to the swimming pool pump.

Items caught by the skimmer basket could be of any kind, such as leaves, grass clipping, insects, debris, floating toys, beverage cans, and even live mice, frogs, and toads.  Although seemingly simple, the skimmer basket is vital to keep large objects from entering the pool water lines, possibly clogging them and disrupting the overall swimming pool water circulation.  The pool pump is also kept out of harm’s way, as large objects could easily damage the pump impeller and other internal parts that are designed to contact only water.

Skimmer baskets come in a variety of designs and sizes, but all of them just have the same function – catching unwelcome impurities of the pool.  Usually made of plastic, they should last many years, and are inexpensive to replace.  Purchasing the correct size is important, as improperly-sized skimmer baskets could potentially allow objects to pass by the basket and into the pool water lines.

When the pool pump is running, the skimmer basket should be checked and emptied every day, as debris can buildup quickly.  Routine cleaning will also encourage efficient pool pump operation, as excess debris in the skimmer basket can reduce water flow.

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