Quick Definition:

A chlorine floater is a device that floats at the top or slightly submerged, slowly releasing chlorine into the swimming pool water as the water dissolves the chlorine into the water.

What is a swimming pool Chlorine Floater?

If you have noticed a plastic container that bobs up and down and floats around the surface of swimming pools, then you have noticed a chlorine floater.  They contain necessary chlorine for swimming pools and are more important to water quality than their looks would have you believe.

If you do not have a chlorinator or other type of chlorine feeder, then a chlorine floater is a necessary device to help maintain adequate pool water sanitation as it allows more consistent chlorine distribution in the pool than can be typically done by hand.  Chlorine floaters need to be watched, as the chlorine will dissolve into the pool water over time and need to be refilled at regular intervals.

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