Quick Definition:

An ozone generator for swimming pools produces ozone and releases it into the water, oxidizing contaminates and sanitizing the pool water.

What is a swimming pool Ozone Generator?

An ozone generator refers to a machine or device that is used to produce ozone (O3), a slightly different form of oxygen (O2) in water.  Ozone in water reacts to different chemicals in such a way that breaks them down to safer components and can also help kill pathogens and bacteria that can be found in water.  Thus, ozone generators have multiple applications in businesses that involve water such as food processing and water purification for drinking and for swimming pools.

Specifically in swimming pool water, contaminants from pool bathers like sweat, urine, dirt, skin cells, hair, and residues from sunblock, lotion, or soap can introduce contamination and can cause irritation to the skin or eyes, plus turn the water cloudy or murky.  Pool chemicals, bacteria, mold, and algae growth can result in an unhealthy pool for swimmers.  Ozone generators for swimming pools can kill bacteria, plus mold and algae spores, oxidizing the contaminates and sanitizing the water.

There are different types of ozone generators; ultraviolet (UV) systems, corona discharge, cold plasma and electrolytic.  Each employ different methods of producing ozone.


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