Quick Definition:

Up-flow filters are sometimes used for swimming pool water filtration, where the key advantages are high flow rate, reduced filter maintenance, and overall reduced filtration costs.

What is a Up Flow Filter for swimming pools?

An up flow filter is just one of many kinds of filtration methods that use a filter media enclosed in a chamber where the water is being supplied.

The key difference with up flow filters is water is forced up into the filter housing, often first passing through a rotating impeller which sweep away large particulate prior to the water contacting the filter.  This helps reduce filter clogging, plus ensures particulate is trapped evenly along the filter media.

The filter cartridges are reusable if they clog, and can be cleaned and reinserted into the filter.  Up flow filters are designed for extremely long filter runs, reduced overall filtration costs, and top performing filters can remove contaminates smaller than one micron.

Although perhaps somewhat over-engineered for personal swimming pools, up flow filters are a logical choice for public or commercial pools, as they are cost effective compared to other filtering options while providing adequate filtering performance.  Gravity filters, often specifically slow sand filters, are preferred for homeowners with swimming pools.


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