Quick Definition:

Flocculants are chemicals designed to bind with contaminates or other chemicals in swimming pool water, allowing the combined result to be filtered or vacuumed from the pool water.

What is a swimming pool Flocculant?

A flocullant is any chemical substance that helps particles suspended in a liquid to aggregate and form larger particles, often called floc.  The chemical composition of a flocculant entirely depends on the composition of the particles and the liquid targeted, although they are most commonly used in extracting excess materials suspended in water.  Most flocculants contain multivalent cations which include; iron, aluminum, calcium, or magnesium.  Most of these flocculants interact with negatively charged ions in water to reduce the barriers of aggregation.

Excessive suspended particles and contaminates in swimming pools can cause hazy, murky, or cloudy pool water, which are too small to be filtered out.  Flocculants can be used to bring suspended solids and free-floating particles together, forming larger clumps or flakes that can reach sizes that can be then removed by the swimming pool filter.


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