Quick Definition:

A pool water ionizer relies on emitting silver and copper ions into a portion of swimming pool water, creating sodium hypochlorite, which introduces small amounts of chlorine into the pool water for sanitation.

What is a swimming Pool Water Ionizer?

A pool water ionizer is a device that employs a method known as electrolysis, which divides the water into acid and alkaline components.  Ionizers release silver and copper ions into the pool water which results in a portion of water converted to sodium hypochlorite, an important bleaching agent that oxidizes unwanted particles and helps to sanitize the water.

A pool water ionizer is one of a variety of ways to help keep your swimming pool free from harmful bacteria.  As ionizers provide sanitation, this results in less chemical-based sanitation methods to be used, such as chlorine or bromine, and reduces eye or skin irritation for swimmers.

Swimming pool ionizers are typically installed in the the pool water lines and after the main pool filter, where water returned to the swimming pool is freshly sanitized by the ionizer equipment.


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