Quick Definition:

A pool pump filter is usually attached to or located directly next to the pool pump, trapping large objects before they enter the pool pump.

What is a swimming Pool Pump Filter?

A pool pump filter generally describes the filter located directly before the pool pump.  As the water flows to the pump from the swimming pool, large debris is captured in the pool pump filter prior to entering the pump impeller.

While the pump is responsible for supplying the needed power to circulate the water, the pump filter prevents large and potentially damaging debris from entering the pool pump, possibly clogging pump valves, and preventing large debris from clogging the main pool filter.  The pool pump filter is easily cleaned by shutting off the pump, washing or spraying the filter, then re-installing the filter and turning the pump back on.

Although many pool pumps include a filter pre-attached to the pump motor housing, separate filters may be purchased. The filters are typically baskets, which allow water to flow quickly through, yet trap large debris.  In choosing your pool pump and filter, the size of the swimming pool, distance to pump equipment, and other equipment that will be attached must be considered.  Having a solar heater, for instance, will require a larger pump capacity to pump water through solar collectors.  Undersizing the pool pump and filter can result in inadequate pumping and filtering, causing premature wear of pump equipment, plus likely inadequate water flow and sanitation.

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