Quick Definition:

Biguanide is a type of swimming pool sanitizer that can be used instead of chemical-based sanitizers like chlorine or bromine.

What is Biguanide for swimming pools?

Biguanide is a molecule commonly used for disinfectants, particularly the molecule polyhexamethylene biguanide.  This variety of biguanide has become increasingly popular as a sanitizer for swimming pool water, as it is a good alternative to other chemical-based sanitizers like chlorine and bromine.

Biguanide sanitizes water by attaching itself to bacteria and other organic particulate or microbes.  The bacterial walls start leaking, breaking down the organism, where they eventually die.

For this type of water sanitizer, no regulatory standards have been set by government organizations.  However, there are a few general guidelines for use.  For instance, a major manufacturer recommends that sanitizers containing biguanide may only be best used for swimming pools which are 25,000 gallons and below.


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