Quick Definition:

A pool skimmer pulls in floating contaminates and objects from the swimming pool and into the skimmer basket, and helps keep the pool free of debris.

What is a swimming Pool Skimmer?

A pool skimmer is an important swimming pool device that is mainly used to get rid of unwanted particles before they can sink to the bottom of the pool.  Skimmers come with a lid and a skimmer basket where the debris that is skimmed is accumulated.  There are two main types of skimmers; above-ground and in-ground skimmers.  An in-ground pool skimmer is embedded in the concrete decking around the pool, while an above-ground is often just fitted to a preexisting hole on the interior of the swimming pool pool wall.

Both skimmer types share the same basic function.  The pool water is circulated by inlet jets, which push water into the pool to create a light current.  The current is designed such that any floating debris is carried slowly to the skimmer area, where the debris is pulled to the skimmer plate and into the skimmer basket.

Since it collects debris from the pool, it is important to note that you have to monitor its basket to keep it clear of excessive debris.  A daily check is often recommended, as leave, plant matter, insects, and even frogs, toads, and rodents can find there way into the skimmer.  Regardless of which skimmer you choose, the most important thing is the health of your family and enjoying the benefits of a clean pool, which the pool skimmer provides a key role.

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