Quick Definition:

Swimming pool coping describes the structural support found where the pool walls meet the pool decking which surrounds the pool.

What is a swimming Pool Coping?

Pool coping is a structural component located at the swimming pool edge, where the swimming pool wall meets the pool deck or the top of the pool.  It serves as a cap or cover for the pool edges, solving two important design and usability issues.  First, coping provides swimmer safety by rounding off the pool deck to the pool walls, preventing any tripping or injuries.   Second, the coping can house mechanical systems such as the ropes for automated pool covers, where the ropes travel along ridges inside the coping.

Depending on the design of the pool, there are many different types of pool edging or coping with different finishing effects.  There are plenty of types of coping that you can choose from, like the poured concrete or natural stone such as limestone, granite, tiles, among others.  Pre-cast concrete coping is another option.  This type of edging eliminates the expense of poured concrete, while providing structure, rigidity, and safety to the pool walls.  It also provides a way to use less conventional pool decking like wood or brickwork, which are not typically built as pool coping.


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