Quick Definition:

Pool covers for swimming pools serve a variety of purposes, like safety, prevent debris, reduce heat loss, water evaporation, and damage from the environment.

What is a swimming Pool Cover?

A pool cover refers to a material used to place over the swimming pool water.  There are many purposes for using a pool cover on a swimming pool:

  • Safety.  Pool covers can securely prevent access by children or any other unwanted guests and even prevent wild animal and pet access.
  • Prevent unnecessary heat loss.  Many pool cover varieties also server as in insulating layer, keeping pool water heat within the pool and saving on heating costs.
  • Reduce evaporation.  Pool covers can save water use by preventing evaporation.
  • Reduce pool contamination.  Debris, dirt, and microbes can all be blown into the water by wind, and fall into the water by rain and snow.  Insects and even rodents will often investigate the water looking for food or try to use it as their habitat.  Pool covers prevent most potential contaminates and foreign items from entering the pool water.
  • Reduce pool damage from the environment.  Pool covers slow the damage and ageing of swimming pool walls and floors caused by the environment, like sun, rain, and freeze-thaw cycles.
  • A signal to guests that the pool is closed. If you are having a gathering, placing the pool cover over the swimming pool is a clear sign to guests that swimming is over.

There are different kinds of covers for your swimming pool to choose from, and often one type of pool cover has several features of other covers.

  • Safety pool covers primarily are designed to completely cover the pool, prevent access, and be able to support several people able to walk across the cover.
  • Manual pool covers refer to covers that pool owners have to place on the pool by hand, or roll onto the pool from a nearby roller.
  • Automatic pool covers are the most convenient, as the pool cover can be opened and closed with the turn of a switch, and are often key driven, which provides an extra safety access feature.
  • Solar pool covers are offered in a variety of configurations, from simple covers placed over the water, to covers that pump water through them to help heat the water.
  • Mesh pool covers are an option for pool owners, as the mesh material allows water to pass through to the pool, yet keep out leaves, grass, tree twigs and branches, and other large debris.
  • Leaf nets can be used with other covers or by themselves, which primarily trap large debris.
  • In ground pool covers refer to covers designed for in-ground swimming pools, and often have unique size and material requirements to span large areas.
  • Above ground pool covers refer to pool covers designated for swimming pools above the ground.  These are often simpler to use, as they are smaller than most below-ground pools.

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