Quick Definition:

Hydrogen peroxide can be used as an alternative sanitizer instead of chlorine, bromine, and other sanitation systems.

What is Hydrogen Peroxide for swimming pools?

Hydrogen peroxide, or H2O2,  is a single bound oxygen-oxygen compound.  This compound is known for its oxidizing properties, and is why it is commonly used as an active ingredient in bleaching and cleaning agents.  Another common role of hydrogen peroxide is to introduce and stabilize the level of oxygen in a substance.

When proper and consistent amounts of hydrogen peroxide applied as part of a swimming pool water treatment schedule, a swimming pool can maintain healthy environment for swimmers without the use of sanitizers such as chlorine and bromine.

A disadvantage of using hydrogen peroxide is it does not have a long shelf life when used as a swimming pool sanitizer.  It will lose strength when stored after one to three months after production and sealing.  Additionally, natural rubber-based products should not be used in the pool or as part of its construction, as hydrogen peroxide actively degrades natural rubber materials.  Synthetic-based products should always used in pools sanitized with hydrogen peroxide.


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