Quick Definition:

A filter basket prevents large items and debris from entering the swimming pool pump, and should be checked often to keep pool water circulating efficiently.

What is a swimming pool Filter Basket?

A filter basket is used to filter large debris from swimming pool water.  Filter baskets are either cylindrical or box-shaped, usually made of pool-safe plastic, and have numerous small openings that allow pool water to flow through the filter.  They are usually located directly before the pool pump, and housed in a container either separate from the pool pump, or molded into the pool pump housing as a combined pumping and filtering unit.  The top of the filter basket housing is usually removable and made of clear plastic to allow visual inspection of the basket.

As the pool water flows through the basket, it operates like a strainer, catching large objects and debris before entering the pool pump impeller.  This filtering stage prevents foreign objects from entering the pump housing, potentially blocking flow or damaging internal pump components.  Filter baskets should be checked every few days during peak pool season and after every pool gathering as part of an overall swimming pool maintenance plan, as debris and objects left by swimmers are often caught in the filter basket.

During swimming pool installation, the size of filter basket is often estimated by taking into consideration several factors; the size of the pool, the estimated bather load, the surrounding environment, and if the pool is a public, commercial, or private pool. Source:

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