Quick Definition:

A chlorine feeder is used for supplying swimming pools with a constant input of chlorine, replacing what is lost in pool water through oxidation of contaminates and neutralized via sunlight.

What is a swimming pool Chlorine Feeder?

Chlorine feeders, also called chlorinators, maintain a consistent feed of chlorine into the pool of water to ensure the effective sanitation of swimming pool water.  Chlorine activity in any pool usually decreases with time because its compounds are degraded. Therefore chlorine has to continually be added to the pool at the right intervals. There are different types of chlorine feeders, each designed to feed a certain form of chlorine.

In swimming pool treatment, chlorine feeders are very important to ensure a continued supply of chlorine in the right amounts and effectiveness in treatment.  With different types of chlorine feeders available, caution must be taken to make sure that the right feeder is used for the right type of chlorine to avoid damaging the equipment, overloading the pool water with chlorine, or harming yourself or other swimmers.  Some of commonly used chlorine feeders include; erosion type feeders, inline, and offline feeders.


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