Quick Definition:

A chlorine stabilizer refers to a chemical added to chlorine in manufacturing, or adding separately to swimming pool water to reduce the rate chlorine dissipates in water.

What is Chlorine Stabilizer for swimming pools?

A chlorine stabilizer refers to a compound which inhibits reaction between the components of water and chlorine, enabling chlorine in water to last longer.  Cyanuric acid is a chemical commonly mixed with chlorine as a chlorine stabilizer.  It is predominantly known as an active ingredient in bleaching products to increase shelf-life.  When chlorine is added to water, hypochlorous acid is formed.  A chlorine stabilizer’s major effect on hypochlorous acid is to keep and maintain chlorine in its stable form despite being exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light contained in sunlight.

In swimming pool water treatment, adding a chlorine stabilizer will make the chlorine present pool water last longer, and increase the time the chlorine can act as a sanitizer in the pool water.  Preventing decomposition of chlorine in the pool water will increase the useful life of the chlorine present in the water and avoid the need of adding more chlorine.  Excessive amounts of cyanuric acid can reduce the efficiency of chlorine.


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