Quick Definition:

Gunite is a term describing a mixture of dry cement mixed with water as it is sprayed into a mold to form pool walls and floor during swimming pool construction.

What is Gunite for swimming pools?

Gunite is a material which is used for building, and is a mixture of cement, water, and sand, which is then sprayed into a mold.  The term Gunite has already been replaced with shotcrete.  It was discovered and invented in the early 1900s as a substance initially used with the purpose of filling plaster models for animals.  There are two terms generally used for the gunite process shortcut process: the dry-mix, and the wet-mix.  Gunite is the name popularly used in describing the dry-mix process. In this method, the dry cement mixture is blown through the nozzle, and water is injected before exiting the nozzle.  It was termed as so because the process involves pulling a trigger on a gun-shaped spray nozzle, and the slang term ‘gun-it’ was used.

Swimming pools made of gunite can be created in highly customizable shapes and designs as compared to vinyl lined and fiberglass pools, since the molds are often built by hand.  Additional stone tiles and concrete varieties can also be incorporated, which can enhance and individualize a swimming pool.  Although durable, gunite pools require proper care, as the water needs to be balanced to avoid potential damage to the swimming pool surface.


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