Although you might have plenty of landscaping around your pool, with plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs, there is one plant-like organism you certainly do not want anywhere near your pool and certainly not in your water.


We just finished an article about how to prevent algae from taking over your pool, and how to remove algae if you fall victim to it.  Algae growth can start small, but can quickly become the single reason you are not able to use the pool, and it can take weeks to eradicate it.

Understanding why and how algae grows is important, plus knowing what types of algae can be found in your pool can help you avoid getting algae in the first place, plus determine how to get rid of it:

We also have several glossary entries about algae. There are links to the algae glossary entries, but here they are:

Plus, we have a useful tool in our calculators section:

We're creating a Pool Owner's Guide to help you with ease:

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