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We just uploaded the website and have gotten everything configured.  If this is your first time here, we invite you to check out our About Us page to learn a little about us and what Pool For Thought is about.

We originally wanted a place to write about all the steps and methods we have used to keep our pool running clean and our equipment working efficiently, but realized we should be sharing this information with everyone who owns a pool or is thinking about getting one.

We are working on a series of swimming pool articles, complete with all the info you need to have and enjoy a swimming pool to its fullest.

Maintaining your pool:

Balancing the pool water, cleaning techniques, how to best maintain the pool equipment, and much more are some of the things we are writing about.

Selecting your pool:

We also thought it would be a good idea to document the original building of the pool, with pictures and what our thought processes were at that time, along with the issues we encountered.

Enhancing your pool:

Also how to enhance your pool once you have it built and think “what next”?

Enjoying your pool:

Of course, once the pool is built, you might have done a few upgrades, now is the time to kick back and just enjoy it for a while, so we are writing about how to simply relax and enjoy your pool.

We also have a huge swimming pool glossary, explaining all the terms and lingo you will encounter as you experience owning a pool.

We're creating a Pool Owner's Guide to help you with ease:

Clear and Balanced Pool Water All Summer With No Headaches!

We're almost done making an eBook for pool owners like you that want an easy and straightforward guide to keep their pool water balanced and clear with as little work as possible.

Enter your first name and email below and we'll let you know when it's ready!

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