Quick Definition:

Test kits are designed to test a variety of chemical measurements in swimming pool water, ranging from kits that only do one test to those that do all tests a pool owner would need.

What is a Test Kit for swimming pools?

A test kit is a pre-assembled combination of reagent chemicals, test tools, and instructions used to test sanitizer levels, water quality, and whether the swimming pool water is balanced or unbalanced.

Simple test kits often only test one metric in swimming pools, such as calcium hardness.  These are often the least expensive, but in doing only one test, they are the least useful for covering all necessary swimming pool tests.

Basic test kits, sometimes called four-in-one test kits, are used to test water pH, total chlorine, bromine, and total alkalinity.  Although these are relatively inexpensive, they lack important tests that pool owners need to know, such as free chlorine, calcium hardness, and metal content of the water.

More advanced test kits can test everything a four-in-one kit can do, plus free chlorine, acid demand, base demand, calcium hardness, and cyanuric acid.  These offer the most value for the money spent.  They offer nearly all the needed tests, and those that are not included can be purchased with a simple test kit, or with inexpensive test strips.

Professional grade test kits include all the tests mentioned above, but also test for metals in pool water, such as copper and iron.  Additionally, the comparator tube normally included in the test kit is often greatly expanded, giving more accurate readings for most of the tests.


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