Here is a great product for great BBQs with the whole family. Share great tasting meat and create mouthwatering gravies with the Primo Roaster Drip Pan Rack.

Perfect for BBQs

If you own a Primo Oval XL Grill, you would know how important it is to have your Primo Roaster Drip Pan Racks. In fact, you can maximize the use of your Primo Oval XL Grill with this great must have.

Especially designed, the Primo Roaster Drip Pan Racks is ideal for preventing the drippings of the food to get into the coals while grilling. It works well with the most foil pans too. You can also add moisture to smoke while grilling when you fill in your aluminum drip pans with water. Moreover, it is most useful in preventing flair ups too.

With the Primo Roaster Drip Pan Racks, you can prevent meat from being cooked directly. It deflects the heat with the PR324 Ceramic Heat Deflector thus preventing coals below to cook the meat directly. This is also perfect for placing aluminum pans to take a grasp of the flavored juice coming from your favorite meat while enhancing the flavor of your food.

The Primo Grill Roaster Rack’s intelligent design.

Intelligent Design

Sold in two separable racks; with a sturdy design and construction it works perfectly well for ribs or briskets. It is intelligently designed so that you can always remove the other, and use the half portion of your grill as a smoker.

With dimensions approximately at 18.2 x 11.2 x 2 inches and weighs at 1.6 pounds, you can effortlessly have it moved and washed.

These roaster racks are a perfect fit to your Primo XL.


There can be issues when readily placed over hot coals and it has the tendency to tilt whenever ceramic heat deflectors are used on them.