Quick Definition:

A common algae in swimming pools, green algae spores enter the pool water, germinate, and attach themselves to pool surfaces; rapidly growing into an algae problem if pool water is not properly sanitized and an algaecide is added on occasion.

What is Green Algae in swimming pools?

Green algae is a common form of algae commonly found in fresh water lakes, ponds, and pools.  This variety of algae can be found floating in water in varying colors ranging from blue-green to yellow -green to dark-green.  Preferring warm and partially sunlit to shaded areas and within stagnant water, green algae can grow on almost any surface.

Proper swimming pool algae maintenance is important to avoid green algae development and growth.  A signal a swimming pool may have the beginnings of an algae problem is pool walls, floors, ladders, and steps may feel noticeably slippery.  Algae growth can start as a thin, invisible, slippery layer on these surfaces, but quickly grow to a full algae bloom if not promptly controlled.  Green algae left uncontrolled can turn pool water a hazy green and can also be found clinging on pool walls in green patches.  Algae found clinging to walls of swimming pools may be so severe to the point of covering the entire pool surface. It has the ability to clog filters and stain surfaces if not treated early. The treatment of green algae can be done quickly using an aggressive algaecide in appropriate amounts.


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