Quick Definition:

Copper is a metal that can find its way into swimming pools with unbalanced water, resulting in metal pool equipment corroding and releasing copper into the pool water which can stain surfaces and leave the water a green-blue color.

What is Copper in swimming pools?

Copper is a metal element, bearing the symbol Cu on the periodic chart, and has the atomic number 29.  Copper has a very high thermal and electrical conductivity properties, enabling it to be used in a variety of applications.

Copper in swimming pool water is to be avoided, and steps can be taken to help reduce the amount of copper that enters the pool water.  Keeping pool water balanced is important, as water that is balanced will not corrode metal surfaces and dissolve copper into the pool water.  Pool wall and floor staining can result, with green, green-blue, or gray stains appearing.  The pool water will also appear slightly green, green-blue, or gray as excess copper comes out of solution and gathers on pool surfaces.  Sequestering agents designed to reduce metal concentrations in water like copper can be used, although they will not completely remove all the copper in the pool water.  Partially draining the water and refilling with fresh water can reduce copper levels as well.

Copper has its benefits in swimming pools as well.  Pool Ionizers utilize zinc and copper which help sanitize the pool water to reduce or eliminate chemical sanitizers like chlorine.


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