Keep cool despite the summer heat with the Swim Time Noodlechair by Blue Wave. If you think swimming or even floating is not your thing while on the pool, then you can absolutely try sitting.

With the Swim Time Noodlechair by Blue Wave, you can keep things cool while you feel the heat of the sun, have fun, play around and make others envy you.

Comfortable and Secured Sitting

Feel more comfortable while sitting and have the time of your life when you turn your noodle chair into a pool chair. Sturdy and comfortable, and made of mesh, this is perfect for both regular and Big boss noodles.

The Swim Time Noodlechair is approximately 2.75 in. or 3.5 in. And if you think it is just best for your little ones, think again because it can hold up to 300 lbs. Even more, the Swim Time Noodlechair by Blue Wave also has elastic bands which are suitable for a secure hold to your regular noodle and wacky noodle for easy floatation.

Feel comfortable and keep cool with your Swim Time Noodlechair by Blue Wave.


You may find it hard to consider but this incredibly thin fabric is very durable. The fabric is woven very tightly thus it will take years to wear it down. Because of the thin mesh fabric, letting it dry is never a problem too. You can easily hang it under the sun, in less than an hour.

This noodle chair is made of durable mesh.

Easy storage

Since it is thin, and dries up easily, you can be sure to have a trouble free storage with your Swim Time Noodlechair. Simply fold and store it, just the way you would.

What’s in the Box

Noodlechair only

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